Setup and run parameter studies in the cloud with a few clicks.

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MTA SZTAKI Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems
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The WS-PGRADE Portal (Web Services Parallel Grid Runtime and Developer Environment Portal) is the Liferay-based web portal (WS-PGRADE web application) of gUSE high level middleware system. This WS-PGRADE deployment is operated within the EGI ‘Applications on Demand’ service and provides an easy to use 'Job Wizard' environment for users. Through the Job Wizard one can define with a few clicks computational jobs that WS-PGRADE will execute on Infrastructure as a Service clouds pre-configured by EGI. WS-PGRADE takes care of all aspects of job management in the cloud, including instantiation of Virtual Machine images and retrieval of outputs. Jobs can be single processor applications or 'parameter study' type applications where each instance of the job takes different input parameters.


  • Federated authentication through the EGI Applications on Demand service.
  • Graphical interfaces for job definition, job execution, inspection of results.
  • Web based access.
  • Interoperability with most widely used IaaS cloud technologies
  • Job wizard interface to streamline analytical steps.
  • Use of ‘per-user subproxies’ from EGI to access X.509-protected resources on the users’ behalf.

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  • Europe
  • English
Related Infrastructures and Platforms
  • EGI Applications on Demand
  • EOSC-hub project
Service phase
  • Production (min. TRL 8)
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