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Online environment to support software integration and activation on distributed e-infrastructure.

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Software Integration Support : a group of services to integrate software solutions within the e-infrastructure.

a. Software Developers can easily integrate algorithms developed in a large spectrum of software languages (e.g. R, Java, Python, Fortran) and software packages on a distributed infrastructure with the aim to offer access to them as-a-service; b. IT Managers can customize VREs with legacy software usually adopted by a specific community of users; c. Data Managers can complement e-Infrastructure offer for data management and analysis with technologies exploited in data management workflows; d. Individual scientists are enabled to move their models and implemented algorithms from desktop to a scalable e-infrastructure. To easily share with colleagues new ideas that still need to be tested and validated; e. Scientific Advisory working group (user group) can customize the e-infrastructure to the needs of the working group. The service is widely used by the members of the following VREs:Aquaculture Training Lab,InfraTraining,SIASPA - Strategic Investment Analysis and Scientific Planning/Alerting VRE,SustainableBlueEconomy,Alieia VRE,Aquabiotech,ARDAG_Aquaculture,Ellinika Psaria VRE,Forkys VRE,GALAXIDI,iLKNAK_Aquaculture,KIMAGRO_Fishfarming,MARKELLOS_Aquaculture,Sinay,STRATOS_AQUACULTURES,SDG-Indicator14.4.1,FrenchTropicalTunaAtlas,StockAssessment,ICCAT BFT-E,IOTC SS3,Bay of Bengale Large Marine Ecosystem Hilsa WG,CWP Secretariat,WECAFC-FIRMS,Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF),GRSF Admin,Biodiversity Lab,ScalableDataMining,TabularDataLab,Aquaculture Training Lab,InfraTraining,SustainableBlueEconomy,Blue Datathon,DRuMFISH,ICES_BNetworkAnalysis,ICES_DALSA - ICES Trainign Course on Data Limited Stock Assessment,ICES_DASC - ICES Training Course on Design and Analysis od Statistically Sound Catch Sampling Programmes,and more.

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