SeaDataNet Vocabulary Services - underpinned by the NERC Vocabulary Server (NVS).

Standardised markup of data and metadata sets through governed common vocabularies

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SeaDataNet is a pan-European distributed marine data infrastructure for the management, exchange and re-use of marine and oceanographic data sets. A major objective and challenge in SeaDataNet is to promote standardisation and interoperability of these data (and associated metadata) resources.

This is achieved through adoption of SeaDataNet Common Vocabularies – lists of standardised controlled terms covering a broad spectrum of disciplines of relevance to the oceanographic and wider community.

Use of these terms to markup data and metadata helps to remove ambiguity and promotes machine-machine information exchange. The technical infrastructure for SeaDataNet Common Vocabularies is provided by the NERC Vocabulary Server (NVS), supported by NVS Vocabulary Services. Common vocabularies are made available as web services (RESTFul,   SOAP and SPARQL endpoint) and are machine and human readable. Content governance of SeaDataNet Common Vocabularies is a collaborative effort drawing in domain expertise from the global community.

For communities who need to disseminate interoperable data and metadata assets

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