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SeaDataNet, Ifremer, the French Marine Science Research Institute
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Earth & Related Environmental Sciences
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SeaDataNet uses the SEANOE (SEA scieNtific Open data Edition) service to facilitate scientists to publish their research data in the field of marine sciences as citable resources. Each data set published by SEANOE has a DOI. Your data may well be cited in scientific articles in a reliable and sustainable way. SEANOE offers a fast responding service : if your dataset is well described1, you should get a DOI within 24 hours. Data are necessarily published in free access in SEANOE. However you fix by yourself the conditions of use of your data by selecting one of the seven Creative Commons licenses. Note that it is possible to inactivate access to data files for a maximum period of two years, for example to restrict access to data of a publication under scientific review. During the embargo period, the DOI is active and the description page of data (the DOI Landing page) is available freely online.StandardFor data scientists and researchers who need to publish a dataset that can be linked to a paper for a scientific journal.

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