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Scientific training environment (i.e. Training environment for Data Scientist) consists of a group of services to manage courses, e-training and self-learning materials. a. Trainers are provided with a secure and controlled environment where it is possible to share data, algorithms, and technologies, support users via online communication tools, check the exploitation of provided resources; b. Trainees have access to data and technologies in a controlled environment where experiments and tests can be performed, traced and documented.The service is widely used by the members of the following VREs:SDG-Indicator14.4.1, FrenchTropicalTunaAtlas, StockAssessment, ICCAT BFT-E, IOTC SS3, Bay of Bengale Large Marine Ecosystem Hilsa WG, CWP Secretariat, WECAFC-FIRMS, Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF), GRSF Admin, Tuna Atlas, SDG-Indicator14.4.1, TabularDataLab, StockAssessment, WECAFC-FIRMS, Aquaculture Atlas Generation, Protected Area Impact Maps, Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem (VME) DB, Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF), GRSF Admin

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