Satellite datacubes at your fingertips, ready for spatio-temporal analysis and visualization in your favourite client and powered by the European Datacube engine, rasdaman

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The rasdaman datacube engine provides spatio-temporal access and analytics, initially on the CreoDias Sentinel archive. Standards-based interfaces of the OGC datacube reference implementation allows a large, growing number of standards-conformant clients to tap right into the rasdaman datacubes, ranging from map navigation (ex: OpenLayers) and virtual globes (ex: NASA WorldWind, Microsoft Cesium) over Web GIS (ex: QGIS, ArcGIS) to analytics (ex: python, R). Among others, this supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in a fast, flexible manner. The rasdaman EOSC-hub datacubes will be federated with other offerings, establishing a common information space for free mix & match. Federation queries are processed and optimized among the participating servers, clients directly get the final query result, with no extra intermediate data transfer to them

Visualize via WMS, extract via WCS or perform server-side analytics via WCPS on any subset of Sentinel or Landsat data in real time, in your favorite client.

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