Enabling HTC & HPC applications opportunistically across private, academic and public clouds

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PROMINENCE is a platform which allows users to exploit idle cloud resources for running scientific workloads with a simple batch system style interface. Key features include:

  • Jobs can be submitted from anywhere using any OS and any language.
  • All jobs are run in containers to ensure they will can run reliably anywhere and are reproducible.
  • Multi-node OpenMPI jobs can be run in addition to HTC jobs.
  • On-premises resources can be utilised with the ability to burst onto external clouds at times of peak demand.
  • Goes beyond bursting onto a single external cloud with hierarchical cloud bursting. For example, burst onto national research clouds, to EGI FedCloud and finally to public clouds.
  • All infrastructure provisioning is handled completely automatically and is totally transparent to the user.
  • Clouds are selected automatically based on job requirements and preferences, and any failures are handled automatically.
  • Output data can be accessed from cloud-based object storage.
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