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OpenMinTeD promotes state-of-the-art Text and Data Mining (TDM) techniques and technologies to boost Open Science and Research. To further its vision, it has created a number of training resources that aim to (a) raise awareness about TDM among researchers and instruct them on how to integrate it in their research activities and workflows, and (b) promote the OpenMinTeD platform. 

The OpenMinTeD services on TDM support & training include webinars, tutorials and online courses for researchers with little or no knowledge of TDM, stories that introduce TDM concepts for non-technical people, FAQ's, guidelines on the OpenMinTeD platform, etc.

Standard The OpenMinTeD training services are dedicated to raising awareness about the merits of TDM among researchers with no or little technical background. They include course material that demonstrates TDM tools in operation and the actual use of the OpenMinTeD platform.

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