OpenMinTeD Builder of TDM Applications

Mix-and-match basic components and build TDM applications

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With the OpenMinTeD workflow editor, which is based on the Galaxy editor, registered users can build new TDM applications by combining together software components. The service is intended for developers of TDM applications who know which components can be put together and in which order (based on their input and output requirements). OpenMinTeD has further defined a set of specifications that aim to resolve interoperability issues stemming from the different implementation frameworks of the components. The specifications cater for the integration of components in the form of dockerized images as well as web services that abide to the OpenMinTeD specifications and can thus be combined to create a valid application. StandardThe service offers TDM experts a workflow editor and a set of interoperable components that can be combined to create new TDM applications. They can experiment by putting together components and ancillary knowledge resources, test them on real content, fine tune them and, when deemed ready, share them through the OpenMinTeD platform.

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