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On-demand operational coastal circulation forecast service

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Portuguese National Civil Engineering Laboratory
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OPENCoastS builds on-demand circulation forecast systems for user-selected sections of the North Atlantic coast and maintains them running operationally for the timeframe defined by the user. This daily service generates forecasts of water levels and 2D velocities over the spatial region of interest for periods of 48 hours, based on numerical simulations of the relevant physical processes. Forcing conditions at the boundaries and over the domain are defined by the user from global forecast databases. Automatic comparison with real-time in-situ sensor data can be provided for a number of user specified locations. It takes advantage of LNEC’s team long-term work on coastal modelling as model developers, integrated in several open source modelling communities (SCHISM, ELCIRC, SELFE, ADCIRC), and in its advanced competences in developing forecast frameworks and operating forecasts deployments. ### Users and application potential OPENCoastS can contribute directly to the development of new research methodologies and workflows regarding water quality, biological, biochemical and coastal erosion studies. SMEs will benefit from these operational systems to feed their own higher-level service portfolios to respond to other societal needs, without the need to invest time and resources to deploy forecast systems from scratch. Port and coastal authorities –Through the use of this platform coastal managers have all the information required to fulfill their responsibilities (examples of uses include facilitating navigation, reducing port operation costs, reducing emergency planning and response of coastal hazards, and better exploring recreational uses of the coast). ### How to request a service To request use of the OPENCoastS, please fill in thee request form and register at After analysis and validation of the request, you will be allowed to log in and start building your forecasts. Service provided by OPENCoastS is provided by the Portuguese National Civil Engineering Laboratory, and was jointly developed by LNEC and LIP. Currently, the service is deployed at a single computing site (NCG-INGRID-PT, part of [INCD][1] and the [EGI Federation][2]). Through EOSC-hub, OPENCoastS will be expanded to include a more diverse set of geographical data, and improved with integration of new features from the EGI, EUDAT and INDIGO-DataCloud service catalogues. [1]: [2]: ### Service slide deck:

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