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Information Sciences, Generic
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Researchers, Research organisations, Business, Research group, Providers
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The OpenAIRE Research Graph enables developers to realize services for scholarly communication and research analytics. By using the API, you access the OpenAIRE Graph, a scholarly communication graph, i.e. a digital space where you can find information about objects of the scholarly communication life-cycle (publications, research data, research software, projects, organizations, etc.) and semantic links among them. The service gives access to the OpenAIRE Graph via different protocols (OAI-PMH, HTTP API, SPARQL) to serve developers with different requirements and preferences.

The OpenAIRE Graph is created bi-monthly by:

  • Aggregating metadata from OpenAIRE's European and global network of validated data sources;
  • Enriching metadata by full-text mining and inference: inference results (metadata records and relationships) are included in the graph in the form of a data source;
  • Collecting metadata from end-users via the EXPLORE service: users feedback (metadata records and relationships) is included in the graph in the form of a data source.

The graph is available in production and beta.

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Natural Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
    • Information Sciences
  • Generic
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  • Researchers
  • Research organisations
  • Business
  • Research group
  • Providers
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  • English
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