Open Telekom Cloud

Simple, secure and affordable European alternative public cloud, based on OpenStack

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T-Systems International GmbH
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Researchers, Research organisations, Business, Research group
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Highly scalable public cloud services based on OpenStack, with granular services for compute, storage, connectivity & network, security & management, databases, data analysis, PaaS and SaaS functions.

Enterprise agreements for services with extended support and committed SLAs in silver, gold and platinum options. On-demand processing and storage capacity, various service payment models including pay-as-you-go and alternative discount models. Maximum security and favorable prices; an Infrastructure as a Service solution that couples the highest level of security with competitive pricing. Scalable cloud resources; a platform that offers scalable compute and storage resources without the contractual obligations. No vendor lock-in; built upon Open Stack you have the ability to port workloads in and out of the cloud with no vendor lock-in, delivering the flexibility your business needs. Instant provisioning of servers and storage; order, configure and deploy your infrastructure in minutes with our simple and intuitive online console. Manage your resources online and integrate them with your existing environments via a comprehensive set of APIs. Flexible CPU, RAM, Storage & Networking Options; optimize the hardware and network configuration for your application, define the auto-scaling rules to ensure performance and enjoy peace of mind with the remote monitoring & alerts. More than 1400 customers in Europe since launch in 2016. Reference customers e.g.: AdaptVis (Visualization from the Cloud), Baumüller (Maintenance), TeleClinic (Medical consultations), Creatieve Koppen (Innovations from the public cloud), Implisense GmbH (Smart infrastructure), Coachimo (Coaching from the cloud), Fuse-AI (Cancer detections), etc.

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  • 16.10.2020

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