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Open Knowledge Maps is the world's largest visual search engine for research. On our website, users can create knowledge maps of research topics in any discipline. Knowledge maps provide an immediate overview of a topic, since the most important sub-areas are shown at a glance and linked to relevant resources and concepts. Open Knowledge Maps enables a large number of interest groups to freely access scientific content. Users include researchers, students, librarians, educators, journalists and practitioners around the world. At the same time, we increase the visibility of content from a variety of sources such as repositories, funding organizations, research institutions and publishers. Users can easily and quickly: - Get an overview of a research topic: knowledge maps provide an instant overview of a topic by showing the main areas at a glance, and papers related to each area. This makes it possible to easily identify useful, pertinent information. - Separate the wheat from the chaff: we cluster similar papers together. This makes it easier to identify relevant content when you are searching for an ambiguous term, or when you would like to identify content from a single discipline in a multidisciplinary field. - Identify relevant concepts: one of the most difficult tasks when you are new in a research field is to learn the “language” of the field. Open Knowledge Maps makes it easier for you by labeling research areas with relevant concepts. - Find open content: our knowledge maps include both closed and open access papers. However we highlight open access papers - and the majority of those papers can be read from within the interface. And if not, the fulltext is only a click away. Our BASE integration offers discovery of more than 158 mio research artefacts from more than 7.700 interdisciplinary sources, our PubMed integration offers discovery of more than 30 mio artefacts specialized on biomedical and life science disciplines.

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