Molgenis is a flexible interoperability platform for scientific data and it enables quick setup of local and central catalogues making finding, managing and sharing samples and data much easier.

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Scientific domain:
Computer & Information Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Medical Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Other Medical Sciences
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Researchers, Providers, Research Communities, Research Projects
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Molgenis provides the following features: - Data catalogue to make data findable - Data storage - Scripting & visualisation - Data Harmonization - Questionnaires - High performance computing - Structured data management

Scientific categorisation
Natural Sciences
Medical & Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
    • Computer & Information Sciences
    • Physical Sciences
    • Biological Sciences
  • Medical & Health Sciences
    • Clinical Medicine
    • Basic Medicine
    • Health Sciences
    • Medical Biotechnology
    • Other Medical Sciences
  • Data Analysis
    • Other
  • Data Management
    • Other
  • Aggregators & Integrators
    • Data
  • Education & Training
    • Related Training
Target users
  • Researchers
  • Providers
  • Research Communities
  • Research Projects
Resource availability and languages
  • English
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