LifeWatch ERIC Plants Identification App

Web service to classify plant pictures based on convolutional neural networks

Provided by:
LifeWatch ERIC
Research area:
Environmental engineering
Dedicated for:
Researchers, Research organisations
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This web service connects to a deep neural network which has been trained with thousands of plant images from Europe. It can classify different types of plants, including flowers. The input to be sent to the web service is an image URL or a local image. The response is a JSON with the potential classification (the name of the potential specie), a percentage, link to google images and link to wikipedia.sets.

How to access the services:

The service is freely available online.

The service is provided as a REST API and it uses JSON over HTTP as communication channel. Example:

    curl --data 'mode=url&url_list='

See the online manual:

Service provided by

The Service is provided by LifeWatch ERIC.

Places and languages
  • Europe
  • English
Service phase
  • Production
Last Update
  • 27.11.2018

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