LEMONADE - Live Exploration and Mining Of a Non-trivial Amount of Data from Everywhere

Visual Data Analytics Tool

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Universitat Politècnica de València, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
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Data analytics is a concept related to pattern and relevant knowledge discovery from large amounts of data, as well as building predictive and prescriptive models. In general, the task is complex and demands knowledge in very specific areas, such as massive data processing and parallel programming languages. However, analysts are usually not versed in Computer Science, but in the original data domain. In order to support them in such analysis, we present Lemonade - Live Exploration and Mining Of a Non-trivial Amount of Data from Everywhere - A Platform for visual creation and execution of data analysis workflow.

LEMONADE is open source and provides components for Creating Processing Workflows; Importing, Exporting or Managing Datasets; Run those Workflows; and Visualize Data.

LEMONADE can be downloaded and deployed locally or use the running instance provided with the service. LEMONADE can use as back-end Mesos, Spark and Kubernetes clusters, which could be provisioned elsewhere.

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  • Production (min. TRL 8)

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