Language Resource Switchboard

A web application that suggests language analysis tools for specific data sets.

European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology
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Languages & Literature, Other Humanities, Other Social Sciences
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A web application that suggests language analysis tools for specific data sets. It provides access to tools for Sentence level analysis (Constituency Parsing - Dependency Parsing - Shallow Parsing), Word level analysis (Lemmatization - Morphological Analysis - Named Entity Recognition - Part-Of-Speech Tagging), Semantic analysis (Coreference Resolution - Sentiment Analysis - Text Summarization), Digital Humanities analysis (Distant Reading - Named Entity Linking - Stylometry - Topic modelling) and Speech Recognition. The Language Resource Switchboard ( will automatically provide a list of available tools, based on the language and format of the input. The Switchboard can also be invoked from the Virtual Language Observatory ( and B2DROP (see Suggested compatible services below).

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