Lagunas de Sierra Nevada / Glacier Lagoons of Sierra Nevada

Science and conservation of glacier lagoons

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University of Granada – UGR
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Biological Sciences
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This Service is the end result of a Citizen Science Campaign ('74 high mountain glacier oasis') created and coordinated by the Department of Ecology of the University of Granada with the collaboration of the Sierra Nevada National Park, the Global Change Observatory of Sierra Nevada. Its major scope is to involve society in the investigation and protection of the high mountain sites of Sierra Nevada. The potential users of this service are mountaineers and citizens with a general interest in nature preservation. With their voluntarily participation, we seek to enlarge the historical record of lagoon photographs and share all the scientific and practical information about the conservation, science and practices around these vulnerable ecosystems. Through this interactive platform, internet users will be able to: ● Interact with the scientific teams that carry out their research in these ecosystems ● Share and visualize the historical record of photographs ● Access to all scientific and information related to Sierra Nevada lagoons ● Participate in the activities, courses and visits organized for the protection of these sites.

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