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InAcademia is the real-time, digital equivalent of asking a student to show you their student card in order to access or buy your services and products. No need to rely on university email addresses or to wait for students to provide documentation, InAcademia removes slow, costly and manual verification processes of students and academic staff by providing merchants with a quick, easy, reliable and secure way to verify identities, provided the student is registered with a participating eduGAIN Identity Provider.

The service is available in eduGAIN and can be integrated into registration and e-commerce systems by commercial and not-for-profit merchants.

InAcademia leverages the power of eduGAIN and the Identity services of the students’ institution to securely authenticate a user’s affiliation credentials. InAcademia provides the merchant only with a simple “Yes/No” response and no personal information is shared.

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  • 16.10.2020

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