Global Record of Stocks and Fishery

A comprehensive and transparent inventory of stocks and fisheries records across multiple data providers.

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Global Record of Stocks and Fishery is a domain-specific combined registry of information on the status and trend in fisheries. The service is used to summarize fisheries and exploitation reports across several data suppliers and generate globally unique identifiers for stocks and fisheries in a semantic knowledge base.a. scientists can access information, and re-use this to enrich their own websites, e.g. to show exploitation limits; to compare information across data providers; b. Scientific Advisory working group (user group) can i) find information on location and exploitation level of stocks and fisheries; ii) use this information to e.g. support activities related to traceability of marine products to promote sustainable exploitation; iii) add relevant information to the KB on stocks and fisheries; c. Third-parties services based on BlueBRIDGE Platform access information and re-use this in their retail chains, e.g. to advise on sustainable exploitation options.The service is widely used by the members of the following VREs:SDG-Indicator14.4.1, FrenchTropicalTunaAtlas, StockAssessment, ICCAT BFT-E, IOTC SS3, Bay of Bengale Large Marine Ecosystem Hilsa WG, CWP Secretariat, WECAFC-FIRMS, Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF), GRSF Admin, Tuna Atlas, SDG-Indicator14.4.1, TabularDataLab, StockAssessment, WECAFC-FIRMS, Aquaculture Atlas Generation, Protected Area Impact Maps, Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem (VME) DB, Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF), GRSF Admin

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