GEO Discovery and Access Broker

Multi-disciplinary discovery, access, and use of resources from the Global Earth Observation System of Systems

Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research - National Research Council of Italy
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Earth & Related Environmental Sciences
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GEO Discovery and Access Broker (GEO DAB) is a key component of the GEOSS Platform, transparently connecting GEOSS User’s requests to the resources shared by the GEOSS Providers. GEO DAB scope is to simplify cross and multi-disciplinary discovery, access, and use (or reuse) of disparate data and information. GEO DAB is a brokering framework that interconnects hundreds of heterogeneous and autonomous supply systems (the enterprise systems constituting the GEO metasystem) by providing mediation, harmonization, transformation, and QoS capabilities. GEO DAB can be accessed using several web service interfaces, available at [link][1]. [1]: The GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) Web Portal is the main entry point for discovering and accessing GEOSS data. GEOSS Platform interconnects more than 170 data systems globally, providing discoverability of more than 400M datasets. This version of the GEOSS Web Portal is connected also to the ECOPotential Virtual Laboratory, allowing users to execute available models utilizing GEOSS data as inputs.

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