Figshare for Institutions

Scalable FAIR repository for Institutions

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Figshare LLP
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Researchers, Research organisations, Business, Research group
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Figshare for Institutions is an off the shelf platform to help organisations publish FAIR datasets. Our repository platform offers the following:

  1. Custom institutionally-branded Figshare portal
    • Custom URL (e.g. or for Figshare portal
  2. Visualisation of over 1200 file formats
  3. Supports individual files up to 5TB
  4. Citation counts, altmetric scores, views and downloads
  5. All new releases and platform updates as well as full access to documentation
  6. Integration with your single sign-on user authentication system (such as Shibboleth, LDAP, and SAML)
  7. 100TB AWS S3 at no cost
  8. Optional integration with preexisting institutionally-defined storage or archiving solution
  9. Figshare-managed Digital Object Identifier (DOI) account and custom, institution-branded DOI minting via DataCite
  10. Extended branding on the item level and custom content licenses
  11. Access to a custom portal administrative site to manage your institution’s research data
  12. Public and private statistics dashboards to measure attention and impact of your institution’s research
  13. Custom terms and conditions associated with published items
  14. Workflows to manage:
    • Requests for access to confidential files
    • (Optional) curation checks of items before they are published
  15. Provision of a key for Figshare’s two-way RESTful API (documented at
  16. Support and maintenance under the Figshare SLA
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  • 20.09.2020

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