FAIRsharing is a FAIR-supporting resource that includes: an informative and educational registry on data standards, databases, repositories and policy, alongside search and visualization tools and services that interoperate with other FAIR-enabling resources

FAIRsharing guides consumers to discover, select and use standards, databases, repositories and policy with confidence, and producers to make their resources more discoverable, more widely adopted and cited.

FAIRsharing works with and for the communities and organizations behind standards (reporting guidelines, terminology artefacts, models and formats, metrics and identifier schema), databases (both knowledge-bases and repositories), and data policies (from funders and journal publishers to describe and interlink these resources, as relevant. For example, enabling users to see which data policies recommend which repositories and what standards the latter implement.

FAIRsharing also works as a service, providing content (metadata description) for a number of external tools, one example is the FAIR Evaluator tool (https://doi.org/10.1038/s41597-019-0184-5).

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