European Galaxy Server

Open, reproducible, web-based platform for data intensive research.

University of Freiburg
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ELIXIR Belgium, Erasmus Medical Center
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Health Sciences
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The European Galaxy server ( in an open, web-based platform for data intensive research and provides access to: 1. compute and storage resources without any charge 2. more than 2000 different, well-documented and constantly maintained scientific tools 3. Training material for omics, cheminformatics, machine learning and much more 4. Training Infrastructure as a Service ( 5. 250 GB per user (500 GB for ELIXIR members) When this effort is combined with our community-maintained workflows and our in-depth training material, it makes up for a truly productive work experience. We believe in enabling everyone to perform reproducible and transparent science. The European Galaxy project is a joint effort of multiple countries and hundreds of contributors. The benefit to a customer and their users delivered by a service; benefits are usually related to alleviating pains (e.g., eliminating undesired outcomes, obstacles or risks) or producing gains (e.g. increased performance, social gains, positive emotions or cost saving)

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