Elastic Cloud Compute Cluster (EC3)

Deploy a virtual cluster on top of IaaS infrastructures with a few clicks.

Institute of Instrumentation for Molecular Imaging - Grid and High Performance Computing - Universitat Politècnica de València
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The Elastic Cloud Computing Cluster (EC3) is a platform that allows creating elastic virtual clusters on top of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, either public (such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure) or on-premises (such as OpenNebula and OpenStack). Through a 'job wizard' interface, the user can configure the virtual cluster with a predefined set of applications that will be deployed in the clouds underpinning the EGI Applications On Demand infrastructure. The installation and the configuration of the cluster are performed by means of the execution of Ansible receipts. The cluster configured by EC3 is private: as soon as it is configured the user will have root access to the environment, and can setup and configure the cluster installing additional libraries and software to their needs. ### Features: - Federated authentication through the EGI Applications on Demand service. - Web based access. - Interoperability with most widely used IaaS cloud technologies - Wizard interface to streamline the configuration and the deployment of the virtual cluster on top of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. - Several Ansible receipts are available to deploy applications and tools in the cluster nodes. - Nodes of the clusters will be self-managed by CLUES. Working nodes will be undeployed when they are idle. - Use of ‘per-user subproxies’ from EGI to access X.509-protected resources on the users’ behalf. - Access to the HNSciCloud commercial cloud service providers for limited scale usage, via a voucher of €250, 00 euros. - User support is available by an international network of consultants. Scientific applications already available for access: Life science (Galaxy, NAMD) ### To submit an order request for this service, please register to the EOSC Portal Marketplace with the EGI AAI Check-In service.

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Use the default quota granted by EGI to any authorised users

Technical Parameters
Number of CPU Cores 4
Total amount of RAM 8
Storage capacity 100
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Use a voucher of €400 euros, valid for one year from the date of issue, to access the commercial cloud providers of the HNSciCloud project.

These vouchers are...

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Technical Parameters
Number of CPU Cores: Up to 8
Total amount of RAM: Up to 32
Storage capacity: Up to 200
Number of days 365
Scientific categorisation
  • Generic
    • Generic
  • Data Analysis
    • Other
Target users
  • Researchers
Resource availability and languages
  • English
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