EGI Online Storage

Store, share and access your files and their metadata on a global scale.

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Online Storage allows you to store data in a reliable and high-quality environment and share it across distributed teams. Your data can be accessed through different standard protocols and can be replicated across different providers to increase fault-tolerance.

Online Storage gives you complete control over the data you share and with whom.

Main characteristics: * Assign global identifiers to files * Access highly-scalable storage from anywhere * Control the data you share * Organise your data using a flexible hierarchical structure

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EGI Block storage

Block Storage is a block-level storage solution that allows you to expand the storage capacity of your instances in the EGI Federated Cloud. This means you can increase your storage without...

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EGI Object storage

Object storage manages data as objects. Each object includes the data itself, a variable amount of metadata, and a globally unique identifier. Cloud object storage allows relatively inexpensive,...

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EGI File storage

Highly scalable storage system accessible from anywhere allowing to easily share data through different standard interfaces. It assigns global identifiers to files and allows to organise your...

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