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With ISO 27001 training you will learn the fundamentals of Information Security and how to implement a management system (ISMS) in your organisation through a combination of people, processes and IT systems. ISO 27001 is part of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards designed to help organisations keep information assets secure.

ISO 27001 offers a systematic approach to managing and securing information such as intellectual property, finances, personal data, both internal and data entrusted to you by third parties.

The training programme is structured in two levels: Foundation and Professional. A formal ISO 27001 certification is offered to all participants of the training after successfully passing a final exam.

The ISO 27001 Training helps you to:

  1. Ensure that security risks are appropriately managed and prioritised
  2. Protect your organisation against information security threats and vulnerabilities
  3. Protect the data entrusted to you by your organisation
  4. Guarantee fulfilment of legal responsibilities
  5. Increase confidence in your organisation

EGI offers two types of training:

  1. Open Registration: organised at a pre-determined date/location open for individual registrations
  2. In-House: for organisations needing several members of staff to be trained. The date and location of the training are mutually agreed.
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