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Run virtual machines on-demand with complete control over computing resources

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With Cloud Compute you can deploy and scale virtual machines on­demand. Cloud Compute offers guaranteed computational resources in a secure and isolated environment with standard API access, without the overhead of managing physical servers. Cloud Compute offers the possibility to select pre­configured virtual appliances (e.g. CPU, memory, disk, operating system or software) from a catalogue replicated across all EGI cloud providers.

To access the service you need to:

  1. Request access selecting one of the service options below.
  2. Set the relevant parameters and add the service to the cart.
  3. Go to the cart and submit your order.
  4. You will receive an email summarising your order.
  5. You will be contacted by the EGI support team.

Featured use cases:

How to predict social media trends? how Cloud Compute helps to test new ways to detect trends on social networks

The genetics of Salmonella infections: how Cloud Compute helped scientists to understand what happens during when a human cell meets Salmonella

Service offers


GPU-enabled instances. Features: 1 or 2 GPU cores, 9 CPU cores for each GPU core, large memory. Ideal for: Graphics and general purpose GPu compute applications.

Technical parameters
Number of GPU cores 1 - 2
Number of CPU Cores 8
Amount of RAM 24 - 50 GB
Local disk 280 GB
Number of VM instances 1 - 50
Number of days 1 - 730


Optimised instances for tasks that require more memory relative to virtual CPUs. Features: High amout od RAM per CPU core, Up to 240 GB of RAm in total, Reserved instances. Ideal for: Running in-memory database, Running in-memory stores (e.g. redis, memcached), In-memory big data processing engines (e.g. Apache Spark)

Technical parameters
Number of CPU Cores 2 - 16
Amount of RAM per CPU core 16 - 120 GB
Local disk 10 - 40 GB
Number of VM instances 1 - 50
Number of days 1 - 730


Optimised instance for computing tasks. Feattures: High perfromance CPU cores, Until 64 CPU cores, Real CPU cors (non-overcommitted), Low latency network, Reserved instances. Ideal for: Batch computing, High-perfromance applications and web services, Distributed analysis. Video encoding.

Technical parameters
Number of CPU Cores 8 - 64
Amount of RAM per CPU core 2 - 8 GB
Local disk 10 - 40 GB
Number of VM instances 1 - 50
Number of days 1 - 730

General purpose

Base preformance instance type. Features: Accessible in opportunistic or reserved ways, CPU cores could be overcommitted. Ideal for: Web services, Micro-services, Development environtments, Building server, Small database, Test environments.

Technical parameters
Number of CPU Cores 1 - 8
Amount of RAM per CPU core 1 - 4 GB
Local disk 10 - 40 GB
Number of VM instances 1 - 50
Number of days 1 - 730
Places and languages
  • Europe
  • English
Related Infrastructures and Platforms
  • EGI
Service restrictions
  • not yet specified
Service phase
  • Production (min. TRL 8)

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