EGI Check-in

Handle transparent Single Sign-On from multiple heterogeneous identity providers

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EGI Federation
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Computer sciences
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Check-in is a proxy service that operates as a central hub to connect federated Identity Providers (IdPs) with service providers. Check-in allows users to select their preferred IdP so that they can access and use services in a uniform and easy way. For the user the feature is transparent: as soon as their IdP is integrated with the proxy, they are redirected by the service to their own IdP. Once integrated the IdP with the proxy, all the services using the IdP proxy will be available. The service providers will get all the AuthN/AuthZ information needed from the IdP Proxy (in form of attributes), without the need to deal with individual IdPs.

Other components that can be attached to the IdP Proxy are credential translation services and attribute authorities.

Main characteristics:

  • Enables multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies
  • Increased productivity and security
  • Federated in eduGAIN as a service provider, publishingREFEDS RnSandSirtficompliance
  • User registration portal to allow accounts-linkingo
  • Combines user attributes originating from various authoritative sources (IdPs and attribute provider services) and delivers them to the connected service providers in a transparent way.


  • Enables federated access to services: *Support for IdPs: SAML2.0, OIDC
    • Support for SPs: SAML2.0, OIDC
  • Connection with the CILogon TTS
  • Enables multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies
  • Direct integration with the communities AAI services
  • User registration portal to allow accounts-linkingď‚·Provisioning to SPs of an EGI User UID

Brochure: https://www.egi.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Check-in.pdf

Slide deck: https://eosc-hub.eu/catalogue/EGI%20Check-in

Service offers

As community AAI

Manage your users and enable multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies.

Technical parameters

For services/resource providers

Connect your services to Check-in to enable single sign-on through eduGAIN, social and custom identity providers

Technical parameters

As bridge to EGI

Community operating its own AAI connected to Check-in to allow its users to access EGI services & resources

Technical parameters
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  • English
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