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Access, store and share training content that can bring the E-CAM user communities to the exascale.

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E-CAM's online training portal represents an educational resource mainly for the materials and life sciences communites. The portal collects all the content captured at our Extended Software Development Workshops, allowing to revisit the lectures or demonstrations after the meeting. The material included varies from talks focused on state of the art methods to tutorials on the writing of robust software and performance optimization on massively parallel computer platforms, and many things in between. The portal is built using Clowder, a scalable data repository where people can share, organize and analyze data. It is intended to help build a repository for the extended E-CAM community to store training/background material, and that allows contributors to the repository to disseminate their training/expository material more widely for constructive use in future events.

"Public content", "Content available after registration to the portal" The goals of our training infrastructure are to (1) collect the content captured at our Extended Software Development Workshops (ESDWs), allowing participants to revisit lectures or demonstrations in their own time, both during and after the meeting. Such material can also be used by people who did not have the opportunity to attend the ESDW (in particular industrialists); (2) generate online training modules for each ESDW, which will be a set of preparatory material shared with the participants and that will allow everyone to acquire the same basic knowledge before the meeting; (3) be a repository for the data associated to our events (lectures, material); (4) build tutorials on programming best practices to develop software for extreme-scale hardware; (5) associate with other groups and projects with similar training scope such as PRACE, other CoEs and MolSSI, to cover for different and broader training material. Participants in our events, scientists in the extended E-CAM community and workshop organizers

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