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DataFurn, a Furniture Enterprise Analytics Platform-as-a-Service, helps furniture manufacturers to leverage untapped social information and transform it into actionable knowledge.

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DataFurn collects, analyzes and visualizes online content (e.g. from social media platforms, blogs), detects useful product-related content, extracts relevant furniture product-service topics/features, monitors brand influence and customer interactions and forecasts furniture trends for the upcoming seasons. "DataFurn assists furniture manufacturers in making sense of the tremendous data overflow in selected social networks. DataFurn stands out in relation to the generic social media analytics platforms by providing intuitive dashboards that have been already created and curated by furniture domain experts. In this way, DataFurn reduces the necessary effort and time to entry (for setting up, understanding and maintaining the relevant reports of interest). Through a pay-as-you-go business model, SMEs can benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly (not requiring any technical background) dashboard that acts as a decision support system (e.g. by allowing for different comparisons in time and in content, better understanding how the discussions and weak signals from other neighbouring domains influence the furniture domain). "

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