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Philosophy, Ethics & Religion
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Aila is Finnish Social Science Data Archive’s (FSD) online data discovery, deposit and download service. Aila facilitates access to research data from the social sciences and related fields. Everyone can download data online from Aila according to the conditions set for each dataset. Some data are available for all users and for the rest registration in advance is required. Everyone can freely search, filter and browse rich study descriptions of archived data in Finnish and in English. This includes not only descriptive metadata but variable level metadata and frequencies as well. Data download is also always free of charge. Students and staff from the Finnish higher education and research institutions can register themselves using HAKA identity federation. Other users apply for a username from FSD User Services. Datasets may be deposited to Aila according to FSD's collection policy. Both quantitative (numerical) or qualitative (i.e. text, speech, or visual images) data collected for research purposes are accepted. A prerequisite for archiving is that the data can be reused at least for research purposes. Aila features a secure transfer service for data file(s) and data description as well as other material, such as the questionnaire, coding instructions and interview questions. Aila provides access to the research data holdings of FSD. FSD takes care of long-term preservation and access to the data through Aila. Especially quantitative and qualitative research data from and about Finland are available through Aila and data may be translated into English for on request. The service helps to + save time and resource for researchers when accessing data + increase visibility and merit, and verification of research through increased data citation + avoid overlapping data collection or recollection of data + reduce potential duplication of effort + secure value to future researchers and students intervention + provide more equal and easy access to metadata and data + facilitate use of data by new audiences + provide well curated and documented data + preserve data for the long term + enable comparative and multidisciplinary research + facilitate verification and reproducibility of research + remove user burden from data depositors + facilitate open science + motivate new research

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    • Philosophy, Ethics & Religion
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