DARIAH Science Gateway

The DARIAH Science Gateway is a platform that provides access to various digital applications and services for the Arts & Humanities researchers

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Ruder Boškovic Institute
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The DARIAH Science Gateway provides various web-based applications and services for the Digital Humanities researchers, institutes and communities.


The DARIAH Science Gateway offers easy access to the following applications:

  • Simple Semantic Search Engine (SSE): Allows users to search in the e-Infrastructure Knowledge Base (Open Access Document Repositories and Data Repositories).
  • Parallel Semantic Search Engine (PSSE): A parallelised version of SSE enabling simultaneously search across the e-Infrastructure Knowledge Base, Europeana, Cultura Italia, Isidore, OpenAgris, PubMed and DBpedia platforms.
  • DBO@Cloud: A Cloud-based repository presenting 100+ years old collection of Bavarian dialects.
  • Cloud Access service: Single-job applications and parameter-sweep applications can be run on the DARIAH VO clouds without porting efforts.
  • Workflow Development service: Complex workflow applications can be developed and run on all the resources of the DARIAH VO.
  • File transfer service: Enables transferring data from, to and between storage services providing HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, GSIFTP, SRM, iRODS and S3 protocols.

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