As a pilot of EOSC DIH, Collabwith Marketplace wants to support EOSC scientifics to valorize and transfer their knowledge and technology with the marketplace tools such as the collaboration request, and smart legal contracts which includes special contracts for collaboration among academics and researchers.

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Collabwith Marketplace is a pilot of EOSC DIH, where scientifics can connect with industry, SMEs and startups to create impact with their scientific knowledge and research results. The Collabwith Marketplace includes a marketplace for collaboration opportunities and knowledge sharing and technology for an effective knowledge transfer and collaboration efficiency such as smart legal contracts to reduce bureaucracy and protect data and protect “knowledge sharing” activities with NDAs with specific clauses for IP, ethics and competition protection. The objective of Collabwith Marketplace is to serve the scientific community and scientific providers with tools to share and transfer effectively their knowledge, research results and scientific services directly to industry and society. Inside the Collabwith Marketplace scientifics find challenges and technology (TRL3-9) from industry, SMEs and startups, services from industry, products from industry ready to test, open questions from scientifics where they seek other technology and research results from scientifics and funding calls.

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