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CREODIAS platform is a cloud infrastructure adapted to the processing of big amounts of EO data, including an EO Data storage cluster and a dedicated IaaS cloud infrastructure for the platform’s Users

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CREODIAS processing covers full set of virtual resources available in the solution: VM – Virtual Machines (or virtual computing servers) with several operating systems available (both free like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Scientific Linux, and commercial like RedHat, SUSE, Microsoft Windows Server), virtual storage volumes that can be easily mounted to the VMs together with object storage solution, virtual networks, virtual appliances like firewalls (FWaaS) and VPN concentrators (VPNaaS), physical servers (baremetal) that can be integrated to the virtual world, Single Server VMs – full physical server with a single VM and very fast passthrough NVMe storage – a combination of advantages of a dedicated server and a cloud VM (high capacity, storage speed, no noisy neighbor problem).

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