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Data Collections Catalog is based on two solutions – CKAN - comprehensive frontend catalogue application for information discovery and EO Browser – specialized catalogue application for robust satellite imagery discovery and quick georeferenced preview

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The Catalogue is be based on CKAN open source software which is widely used for open data publications like e.g. European Data Portal, or CKAN provides user friendly web interface for all activities associated with data publication and subscription. It is capable of advanced data management. All datasets are organized and described with metadata, which allows it to be easily discoverable, with the use of search phrases and customizable filters (e.g.: tags, categories, data formats). It is possible to publish one dataset in different data formats, not only as downloadable files but also as links to web service, web API or links to external WWW resources. Datasets can be stored in CKAN, along with version history and dataset statistics, which allows to monitor the interest in datasets. CKAN also provides functionalities for collaboration, community participation and providing feedback, such as comments, ratings and sharing. CKAN is highly customizable in both terms of Look&Feel and functionalities. CKAN provides very rich RESTful JSON API, which allows other applications to discover and access the datasets. It can be integrated easily with Semantic Web technologies such as RDF data model and SPARQL.

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