Processing & Analysis

Software, platforms, tools, analytics and end-user applications offered-as-a-service or deployed-on-demand also specialised by discipline or research domain

Alien and Invasive Species Virtual Research Environment

A web-based, collaborative working environment enacting to predict the spread of an invasive species (possibly alien) in a new environment


Web portal for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) structure refinement

CloudFerro Infrastructure

CREODIAS platform is a cloud infrastructure adapted to the processing of big amounts of EO data, including an EO Data storage cluster and a dedicated IaaS cloud infrastructure for the platform’s Users


NMR protein structure prediction using the EGI HTC-enabled CS-ROSETTA portal

DARIAH Science Gateway

The DARIAH Science Gateway is a platform that provides access to various digital applications and services for the Arts & Humanities researchers


Satellite datacubes at your fingertips, ready for spatio-temporal analysis and visualization in your favourite client and powered by the European Datacube engine, rasdaman


Visualizes and quantify the information content of distance restraints between macromolecular complexes with DisVis

EGI Notebooks

Create interactive documents with live code, visualisations and text

Elastic Cloud Compute Cluster (EC3)

Deploy a virtual cluster on top of IaaS infrastructures with a few clicks.

ENES Climate Analytics Service

Analyze and process data from multiple communities with the Ophidia Big Data Analytics framework


FANTEN for the analysis of magnetic anisotropy-induced NMR data

GEP - High-Resolution Change Monitoring for the Alpine Region

Continuous systematic interferogram generation with Sentinel-1 data over the Alpine Region.


Integrative modeling of biomolecular complexes with the user-friendly, EGI HTC-enabled HADDOCK portal

LifeWatch ERIC Plants Identification App

Web service to classify plant pictures based on convolutional neural networks

OPENCoastS Portal

On-demand operational coastal circulation forecast service


The PowerFit server allows you to fit your 3D structures in any map!

Sentinel Hub

Seamless access to global archives of Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS, Envisat and other satellite missions.


SpotOn: determination of Hot-Spots at protein-protein interfaces


Services for sensitive data


Setup and run parameter studies in the cloud with a few clicks.

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