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Software, platforms, tools, analytics and end-user applications offered-as-a-service or deployed-on-demand also specialised by discipline or research domain

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Sentinel Hub

Seamless access to global archives of Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS, Envisat and other satellite missions.

Provided by:
Research area:
Earth & Related Environmental Sciences
Dedicated for:
Researchers, Research organisations, Business, Research group


Smart City IOT as a Service, SCIaaS

Provided by:
University of Florence (UniFL)
Research area:
Computer & Information Sciences
Dedicated for:
Providers, Research organisations


SpotOn: determination of Hot-Spots at protein-protein interfaces

Provided by:
Bijvoet Center, Utrecht University
Research area:
Medical & Health Sciences
Dedicated for:

Visual Media Service Virtual Research Environment

Upload visual media files and transform them into an efficient web format, making them ready for web-based visualisation.

Provided by: infrastructure
Research area:
Humanities, Social Sciences
Dedicated for:
Providers, Research group, Researchers


cPouta - IaaS for science

Provided by:
Research area:
Dedicated for:
Researchers, Providers, Research group, Business, Research organisations

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