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B2Note allows to easily create, search and manage annotations. An annotation is a keyword or commentary attached to a dete object (data collection, file) that explains or classifies it. B2NOTE is a standalone service for annotating data content hosted within the EUDAT CDI. There exist 3 types of annotations in B2Note - the semantic tag, a keyword from an ontology (a semantic tag coming from identified ontology repositories - currently only Bioportal - the free-text keyword, to be created and used when a specific semantic term is not found - the comment, a more comprehensive annotation Perfect for service providers who want to extend the (web based) service with annotation functionality ### Relevant: User must register to create and maintain annotations, additional access registration can be applied on the service which enabled annotation functionality via B2NOTE. Service providers willing to enable annotation via B2NOTE on an existing service can request consultancy and support. ### To access the service you need to: 1. The EUDAT public B2NOTE service (https://b2note.eudat.eu) is offered as a fairshare free-to-use service, no registration is required to search through the B2NOTE, registration is needed to store and manage annotations. 2. Request for integraton within existing services select the service option below. 3. Provide URL to service 4. Go to the cart and submit your order. 5. You will receive an email summarising your order. 6. You will be contacted by the EUDAT support team ### Service provided by EUDAT and BSC

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