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The Authorization Server acts as a broker of user authentication and personal information between the Identity Providers and the Operators, while the Identity Providers provide the authentication and the personal information of the user. Each registered Operator can obtain a specific amount of Data, individual for each application and service, for the Purpose as determined below. Any use exceeding the or deviating from the Purpose and/or the Determined Use of Data is described in the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement of each Operator and requires prior separate consent of the user. This Service controls the provision of the Data to Operators based on OpenID Connect scopes that were used when the application or service was registered with this Service. It is not possible that an Operator can obtain more Data than authorized to the Operator based on the scope(s). Which scopes exist and which user attributes are linked with a scope are defined by the OpenID specification. In order to provide the Data to the registered Operators, this Service must first collect the Data from the Identity Provider used for login. Each Identity Provider must get user consent to release any personal information to this Service. By using this Service, you agree that the collected information is processed for the purpose of making it available to the registered Operators upon request. Any registered Operator requires a valid access token to obtain Data. Each access token has a validity period that limits the time where it can be used to fetch Data. This Service allows you to see the amount of Data that is collected for the current lifetime of an access token. This Service does not collect any more personal information as received from an Identity Provider as previously authorized by the user at login with the Identity Provider.

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