Aquaculture Farming

A comprehensive and collaborative environment to analyse and forecast aqualculture farm performances.

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Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
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Aquaculture Farming is a group of services to predict the farm performance. Data Managers (IT aquafarming SME) are provided with a cost-effective solution to manage data flows related to farming (i.e. economic performance, environmental impact); Third-parties services based on BlueBRIDGE Platform can analyse aquafarming performance by clustering farms into best performers and those not performing well and giving advice accordingly.The service is widely used by the members of the following VREs:Aquaculture Training Lab, InfraTraining, SIASPA - Strategic Investment Analysis and Scientific Planning/Alerting VRE, SustainableBlueEconomy, Alieia VRE, Aquabiotech, ARDAG_Aquaculture, Ellinika Psaria VRE, Forkys VRE, GALAXIDI, iLKNAK_Aquaculture, KIMAGRO_Fishfarming, MARKELLOS_Aquaculture, Sinay, STRATOS_AQUACULTURES, Tuna Atlas, SDG-Indicator14.4.1, TabularDataLab, StockAssessment, WECAFC-FIRMS, Aquaculture Atlas Generation, Protected Area Impact Maps, Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem (VME) DB, Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF), GRSF Admin

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