AMBER-based Portal Server for NMR structures (AMPS-NMR)

Web portal for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) structure refinement

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A Worldwide e-Infrastructure for Structural Biology, Magnetic Resonance Center of the University of Florence - CERM, Interuniversity consortium CIRMMP
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Biological Sciences
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Simple and user-friendly NMR-based refinement of the 3D structures of biological macromolecules thought the AMPS-NMR portal. Amber (Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement) is a suite of programs that allow users to perform molecular dynamics (MD) simulations on biological systems and to store different calculations. The portal was developed with the help of the WestLife and INDIGO-DataCloud projects and supported by the MoBrain Competence Centre, under the EGI-Engage project.

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Natural Sciences
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