Alien and Invasive Species Virtual Research Environment

A web-based, collaborative working environment enacting to predict the spread of an invasive species (possibly alien) in a new environment

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Alien and Invasive Species Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is a web-based, comprehensive, collaborative working environment supporting decision makers and scientists in predicting the spread of an invasive species (possibly alien) in a new environment. The VRE hosts examples of suitable habitat maps produced for today and 2050 in new areas for more than 11,000 species and provides models and workflows to combine environmental data with species observations in their habitats to predict their future spread.


  • A service providing state-of-the art Data Analytics algorithms suitable for alien and invasive species spread prediction;
  • A service for seamless discovery and access to species occurrence data and taxa names from several providers providers (eg. BrazilianFlora, OBIS, WoRMS, GBIF, ITIS, CatalogueOfLife);
  • A complete spatial data infrastructure for discovering, accessing and publishing spatial datasets according to OGC standards;
  • A catalogue service for discovering, accessing and publishing any research object (multi-part objects with actionable parts) and promoting its re-use;
  • A social networking service supporting communication among VRE members by sharing and commenting posts;
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  • EGI
  • D4Science
  • GBIF
  • OBIS
  • SeaDataCloud
  • gCube System
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  • 16.10.2020

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