Accounting Framework

Standardized Accounting and User Quota Management.

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Accounting Framework enables accounting resource usage and usage control via quota mechanisms.a. IT Managers can manage resources utilization via policies and quota exploitation; b. Data Managers maintain access to data under control; to easily define tailored policies for consumption of data; c. Scientific Advisory working group (user group) deliver to working groups a computational environment capable to satisfy the expected QoS.The service is widely used by the members of the following VREs:Aquaculture Training Lab, InfraTraining, SIASPA - Strategic Investment Analysis and Scientific Planning/Alerting VRE, SustainableBlueEconomy, Alieia VRE, Aquabiotech, ARDAG_Aquaculture, Ellinika Psaria VRE, Forkys VRE, GALAXIDI, iLKNAK_Aquaculture, KIMAGRO_Fishfarming, MARKELLOS_Aquaculture, Sinay, STRATOS_AQUACULTURES, Aquaculture Training Lab, InfraTraining, SustainableBlueEconomy, Blue Datathon, DRuMFISH, ICES_BNetworkAnalysis, ICES_DALSA - ICES Trainign Course on Data Limited Stock Assessment, ICES_DASC - ICES Training Course on Design and Analysis od Statistically Sound Catch Sampling Programmes, ICES_FIACO - ICES Trainign Course on Principles and Methods of broadband/wideband technologies: application to Fisheries Acoustics, ICES_FIACO2017 - ICES Trainign Course on Principles and Methods of broadband/wideband technologies: application to Fisheries Acoustics, and more.

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