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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), secured by cutting edge cybersecurity software co-developed by The University of Oxford

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An increasing number of businesses are moving their data and servers to the cloud to benefit from the improved flexibility, security and resilience that a good cloud solution can offer. Using the cloud allows you to set up a world-class IT infrastructure without the extensive capital costs associated with procuring IT hardware. The cloud also offers the ability to scale your IT infrastructure at a moment’s notice to keep up with the demands of your business. By using a cloud platform, you can quickly provision new servers and shut them down when they are not required any more without wasting resources on underused infrastructure. You can also benefit from reclaiming lost office space and reducing the costs of power and cooling which are necessary for power-hungry servers. By using 100 Percent IT’s cloud solution, your data will be stored securely in one of our three UK-based datacentres. These datacentres are all high-end datacentres, boasting multiple redundant power supplies and internet connections, backup generators and UPS systems and 24/7 security. All of our IT infrastructure is resilient and redundant, giving you confidence that your IT infrastructure won’t fail you at a critical moment.


  1. Fully Scalable
  2. Self-service Cloud Platform
  3. Optional Hourly Billing (only pay for what you use)
  4. Advanced Software Defined Networking, including:
    1. Routers
    2. Load Balancers
    3. Virtual Routers
    4. Firewalls
    5. VPN’s
  5. Tier3 Datacentres, with multiple redundancy on all critical infrastructure
  6. Cloud servers can be integrated into your office network (Hybrid Cloud)
  7. World class connectivity

Users of the service can also benefit from 100 Percent IT’s cutting edge patented cybersecurity solution, ‘Trusted Cloud’. The technology employed is a cutting edge approach called distributed hardware-backed whitelisting. Every few seconds, each server in our estate will generate an audit list of all programs and configuration running on the server. This list is digitally signed using a cryptographically secure hardware module and then sent to one or more verification servers where it will be cross-checked against a previously generated and signed whitelist. Even a single line of unauthorised code will be instantly detected and flagged, allowing CyberHive’s security team to stop an attack in its tracks before any damage can be inflicted or data lost.

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  • Production
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  • 16.10.2020

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