Turkish Academic Network and Information Center

In 1996, ULAKBIM (Turkish Academic Network and Information Centre) was founded as an Institute of TUBITAK. ULAKBIM is responsible to provide and operate the national academic network together with the HPC and data e-infrastructure. Additionally, nationwide document supply services have been offered since the establishment.

ULAKBIM has a dedicated mission to support and increase open science movements throughout the country. In addition to the management of open science policy, ULAKBIM has been providing open platforms to identify, share, and re-use of publications and research data through the repository Aperta and the search engine Harman. Aperta is planned to be the research data management platform and Harman is the only OAI harvester in Turkey.

Regarding the computing and data infrastructures, ULAKBIM has been providing national HPC and data center TRUBA (Turkish Science e-Infrastructure). TRUBA is a national e-Infrastructure providing high performance, data-intensive, and cloud computing services as well as scientific data warehouses. Currently, the infrastructure has 20K cores, 180 GPUs, and 12 PB distributed parallel file systems.

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