Institute of Informatics - Slovak Academy of Sciences

Institute of Informatics (in Slovak: Ustav informatiky) is one of more than 50 scientific and research institutes of Slovak Academy of Sciences (in Slovak: Slovenska akademia vied), Bratislava, Slovakia. The scope of activities of Institute of Informatics includes scientific and research work in informatics, information technology, control theory, robotics and artificial intelligence, organized in departments, and focused into following research directions: Parallel and distributed information processing Design and testing of digital systems and their technological realisations Nano- and micro-structures and their realisation with the use of electron beam lithography Discrete processes modelling and control Robotics, mobile systems, sensors and effectors Speech processing, Image processing, Numerical methods and algorithms The Institute of Informatics also deals with development of experimental laboratory equipment and printed circuit boards.

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DEEP training facility

Distributed training facility for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning models.
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    845 07 Bratislava

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