Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA)

The Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA) is a Joint Centre with the combined effort of two institutions, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Cantabria (UC) oriented to perform research on basic science: to understand the components of nature, from elementary particles (Particle Physics) to the largest structures of the Universe (Astronomy and Space Science) as well as the complex collective behaviour of matter (Statistical and Non-linear Physics). Our centre has maintained a steadily grow in all its aspects since its creation in 1995, reaching its current size of about 80 people, with about 29 staff researchers. It produces yearly more than 200 publications in the best journals in the respective fields and has nearly 20 active projects, obtaining external funding of about 2.0M/year, more than 80% of the total budget.​

The main goal of the Instituto de Física de Cantabria is to promote high quality scientific research in the fields of Astrophysics, Structure of Matter and Advanced Computing.

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Remote Monitoring and Smart Sensing

Remote Monitoring and Smart Sensing

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