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ELIXIR-UK is the UK node of ELIXIR. The node currently consists of 18 organisations with the Earlham Institute as the lead institution. The node is a distributed effort across the UK, which builds upon the breadth and depth of its consortium members to provide services in bioinformatics and computational biology, to support researchers to find and share data and agree on best practices at national, European, and international level. The UK Node acts as a nucleating force at the national level bringing together individuals and institutions with an interest in developing biological bioinformatics, to help build a critical mass, support, and sustain this community and showcase and deliver the resources this community develops to ELIXIR and further afield. The UK Node supports the broader life science research community by providing training and services so that they are better equipped to deal with the data challenges they face and help them discover, distribute, analyse, and store data, exchange expertise and agree on standard approaches. Ultimately assisting the community in their excellent research so that they can better understand and gain insights into the biology of the world that surrounds us.

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