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Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH is established by the National Committee for Scientific Research as the unit leader in the operation and expansion of the hardware base of the high performance computers (HPC) as well as the urban and academic network (Metropolitan Area Network – MAN). The activities of the Centre include:

  • Metropolitan Area Network in Krakow – development and maintenance of Krakow MAN and providing the users with a wide range of network services.
  • High performance computers – providing the scientific community with computing power as well as disk and tape storage resources.
  • Specialized software – access to the scientific and specialized software for the high performance computers' users.
  • Research carried out in the framework of a series of research projects, both national and international.
  • e-Learning – an effective Moodle system (used in teaching via the Internet) for the academic community.
    • Organization of national and international IT scientific conferences.

Tasks and mission of the ACC Cyfronet AGH

Since 1999, Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH has been organisationally and financially separate unit of the University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Since establishment in 1973, the most important task realized by Cyfronet is to provide telecommunication and computing services for the entire scientific community of Krakow and Malopolska province. The Centre also acts as an administrator of the Metropolitan Area Network in Krakow and is an important hub of the PIONIER network. The tasks of the Centre include:

  • providing computing power and other IT services to research teams and educational institutions,
  • conducting scientific research and R&D activities, either alone or in cooperation with other units, mainly in the field of high performance computers, computer networks and IT and telecommunications services,
  • actions to achieve the objectives and programs of the Polish government, contained in the assumptions of the ministries responsible for science and education, in the field of usage of the new information techniques and technologies in science, education, management and business,
  • construction, maintenance and development of the IT infrastructure operated by the Centre,
  • studies, analyses and implementations of new techniques and technologies, which could be potentially used in the design, construction and operation of an IT infrastructure,
  • advice, expertise, training and staff skills improvement as well as other activities in the field of computer science, computer networks, high performance computers and computer services,
  • identifying, evaluation and promotion of new solutions in the scope of the own activities of the Centre, to be used in the field of science, education, administration, economy and management,
  • providing computing power and other services that use the potential of the Centre for those interested in their implementation or use, according to their privileges, licenses and concessions.

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